Inside the iPhone 3G -- A Complete Disassembly by iFixit

iFixit has live blogged the first disassembly of an iPhone. A video and some highlights of this event:
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iFixit breaks down an iPhone 3G

The wacky folks at iFixit are up to their destructive ways once more. They've gotten their hands on an iPhone 3G and they did what any normal geek would do: tore it apart and posted pics on the internet.
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iPhone 3G Disassembly / Disassembling by iFixit
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iPhone 3G Disassembly
clipped from live.ifixit.com

Safe in our possession

first image

No surprises inside the box:

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Removing the SIM card. Fortunately for the world's paper clips, the iPhone 3G comes with a SIM eject tool.

first image

Rotating the display up.

first image

Do not remove

first image

Just kidding. Look, the battery isn't soldered on!

first image

Logic Board

first image

At last!

From top left to bottom right: Display glass, LCD, Main board and EMI shield, Antenna and battery, Back panel.

first image

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