Wigix the eBay 2.0

Wigix is the new way to buy and sell online. It's a socially-driven marketplace, where you can communicate with like-minded collectors and traders. Get a live pricing history for each item and negotiate prices intelligently. Social communication encourages informed buying.
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eBay + A Stock Market = Wigix

If there ever would be an eBay 2.0 (or an eBay for the Web 2.0 generation), here it is. Wigix, which stands for “WantItGotItExchange,” is a newly launched service based around the idea of a community-driven marketplace. The site takes the idea of eBay — a community-powered auctions market — a step further, by adding a stock market-esque element of being able to “buy” and “sell” the product at a price determined by the market.
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Wigix Help Center

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The Wigix marketplace is the new way to buy and sell online, and it's easy too!
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