The DelFly a Dragonfly like Micro Air Vehicle

A research team at the Delft University in The Netherlands just launched: the so called the Delfly. a Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) that looks like a dragonfly and is also comparable in size. It is equipped with a camera that streams back video to a base station.
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What is the DelFly?

The DelFly is what is known as a Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), an extremely small, remote-controlled aircraft with an on-board camera that transmits images through a transmitter to a ground station. With its two pairs of flapping wings, the DelFly resembles a dragonfly. Some larger variants of the DelFly can hover in the air like a hummingbird, and even slowly fly backwards.


Dragonfly or Insect Spy? Scientists at Work on Robobugs.

, October 9, 2007
No agency admits to having deployed insect-size spy drones. But a number of U.S. government and private entities acknowledge they are trying.
Robotic fliers have been used by the military since World War II, but in the past decade their numbers and level of sophistication have increased enormously.
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Central Intelligence Agency

CIA Museum

Developed by CIA’s Office of Research and Development in the
1970s, this micro UAV was the first flight of an insect-sized vehicle
The flight tests were impressive.
However, control in any kind of crosswind proved too difficult.
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DelFly Micro
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