5 Desktop Operating Systems

5 of the best desktop operating systems you never used

Blogger John Sheesley discusses five lesser-used operating systems that provide nice alternatives to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Sheesley says OS/2, NeXT, BeOS, DESQview and GEOS are overlooked, underrated and have been crushed by the big guys.





GEOS / GeoWorks

So there you have 5 of the best operating systems you probably never used. Each introduced innovations that we still use today, as well as some we’re still trying to catch up with even though the programs debuted in the 20th century. In each case, they were overlooked, underrated, and ultimately crushed by the Microsoft steamroller.

There are plenty of OSes I left off the list: CP/M, TRS-DOS, LDOS, DR-DOS and others (which I encourage you to remind me of.) We’ll try to cover those in the future as well.

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