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Scientists at the University of Plymouth will begin a study to determine if they can teach a baby robot how to talk.
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ICUB robot
A university in Devon is preparing to find out if a baby robot can be taught to talk.
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A consortium led by the University of Plymouth beat competition from 31 others to win a £4.7-million grant for the Italk - Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge in Robots - project.

The team will attempt to educate a humanoid robot called 'iCub'(www.robotcub.org) which, at a metre tall, is the same size as a three year old toddler and is able to crawl, sit up, feel, see and hear.

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The iCub is a small-size humanoid robot being designed by the RobotCub Consortium, consisting of several European universities. The main goal of this platform is to study cognition through the implementation of biological motivated algorithms. This is an open project in many different ways: it will distribute its platform openly and it will develop software open-source.

iCub CAD model
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