Visby -- The Invisible Warship

The first vessel in the world to have fully developed stealth technology

Visby is the latest class of Corvette to be adopted by the Swedish Navy, the ship's design heavily emphasizes low visibility or Stealth technology. The first ship in the class is named after Visby, the main city on the island of Gotland.

The Visby Class corvette is the first vessel in the world to have fully developed stealth technology, combined with high operational versatility. The outstanding stealth properties fundamentally change the ship's survivability and improve its mission effectiveness.
The Visby is designed to minimize all signatures - optical and infrared signature, above water acoustic and hydroacoustic signature, underwater electrical potential and magnetic signature, pressure signature, radar cross section and actively emitted signals.
The “stealthiest” ship that currently exists is Sweden’s Visby Corvette. Apart from being painted in grey dazzle camouflage and made of low-radar reflectivity materials, it also does not use propellers, which are the noisiest part of a ship. The vessel also has the lowest “magnetic signature” of any current warship.

via: Al Fin: Invisible Death and Pain: Welcome to Your Future