America's Robot Army

America's Robot Army: Are Unmanned Fighters Ready for Combat?

Unmanned fighters now come armed to the threads. But are they really ready for combat in the Iraq war?
Customer: U.S. Army ordered more than 1700 for 15 brigades, a potential human-to-robot ratio of 29:1 | Deployment: Ready for combat as early as 2014 | Models: Half will be armed; the rest will clear minefields and haul gear | Cargo capability: 1800 to 2000 pounds | Weapons: Four antitank Javelin missiles and a turret-mounted M240 machine gun. (Photograph by Chad Hunt)
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This prototype of the Gladiator, built by Carnegie Mellon, is equipped with smoke generators and grenade launchers. Marine Corps officials say they will field-test the latest, 1-ton version this year. (Photograph by Craig Cameron Olsen)
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Crusher - 1
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Military Autogun prototype

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