Viscosity -- a modern art generator

A flash tool that lets you create abstract art and store it on your hard drive.
clipped from windowseat.ca

Viscosity was created because it’s beautiful, relaxing, and turns anyone into an abstract artist.

People can end up with beautiful art from viscosity, but the actual process of creating it can be so much more interesting. The animated effect of manipulating the dots gives a soothing and hypnotic experience, leaving you calm and relaxed.

Within seconds, you can create a masterpiece in abstract art. If you don't like it, you can reset it and start over. No oils and no canvases means no starving artists.

clipped from windowseat.ca
The 10 highest rated pieces

'Untitled' by Anonymous (92 stars)
'who's real' by PPJACK (80 stars)
'dog in moonlight' by LOL (71 stars)
'Spider' by LOL (69 stars)
'Desert Rose' by Ahmed  :  ) (66 stars)
'Dangerous spiral' by dancastell89 (62 stars)
'Blacktop' by Rob Dixon (60 stars)
'Revolutions' by fra (59 stars)
'Magic Jungle (at Riviera Maya)' by PPJACK (58 stars)
'MotoGP' by Tony Pletcher (58 stars)
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