MoMA's Elastic Mind show

Design and the Elastic Mind: an exhibition about the intersection of art and design with science and technology.
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Design and the Elastic Mind
February 24–May 12, 2008

In the past few decades, individuals have experienced dramatic changes in some of the most established dimensions of human life: time, space, matter, and individuality.
Design and the Elastic Mind is a survey of the latest developments in the field. It focuses on designers' ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and social mores,
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Bring loved ones back — as fuel cells!
Nonstop Shoes keep working when you stop walking
Lightweeds are interactive 'shadowplants'
A vase made by bees
1. Are you terminally ill? Ask a bee

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DVICE: Brain-stretching design: The 10 best items from MoMA's Elastic Mind show
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Design and the Elastic Mind
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Design and the Elastic Mind