MEDIVista -- Entertainment, Information and Education in the Hospital

Enjoy yourself in the hospital with the MEDIVista device providing: IPTV, VoIP, internet, email, games, radio, music and more.

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Lincor has developed and patented MEDIVistaTM
– a solution for the provision of bedside entertainment services and to enable secure, point of care access to clinical applications for medical professionals.

MEDIVistaTM Brochure: http://www.lincor.com/uploads/MEDIVistaBrochure.pdf

Entertainment, Information and Education Services:

  • TV over IP

  • Radio over IP

  • Telephone over IP

  • Internet and e-mail

  • Video-on-Demand

  • Information Services

  • Patient Education through video and surveys

  • Dietary Management

  • Interactive online surveys

  • Web-based and network games

  • Audio Books

A typical hospital installation would look like this.

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