YouTube coming to TiVo

YouTube has updated its tools for outside developers to integrate their sites and services in websites and communities. Separately TiVo has announced a deal with Google to allow access to YouTube videos directly from televisions.

YouTube Opens APIs, TiVo Announces Support
YouTube introduced new APIs aimed at opening its platform and network to developers for building new video-sharing websites and communities.

Separately, TiVo announced plans to offer access to YouTube videos directly from the TV via a TiVo DVR.
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YouTube lets developers build their own YouTubes


The move goes significantly beyond the current access to YouTube videos in which any Web user can copy and embed selected videos onto their own Web pages.

YouTube said its latest customization offerings allow anyone building a Web site or Internet-connected software program to upload videos straight to YouTube. They can fetch video feeds, comments, responses or playlists from YouTube.

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TiVo to bring YouTube videos to TV screens

TiVo said the service would be available later this year for high-speed Internet subscribers who have TiVo Series3 DVRs. It said that users would be able to log onto their YouTube accounts directly from their TiVo boxes.

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You may not have to sit at your computer much longer to watch all of your favorite YouTube videos.  YouTube has signed a deal with TiVi Inc. to bring YouTube videos direcly to television sets of TiVo users.

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