WebMynd -- TiVo for the web

WebMynd, a free Firefox add-on that automatically records a visual browsing history and allows to browse through visited web pages.
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WebMynd is a Firefox add-on that records a replica of every website a user visits and also allows full-text search of your whole browser history through the WebMynd.com portal. WebMynd helps users easily search for and locate previously visited websites without having to sift through history and bookmarks.

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1. Be Lazy!

Never bookmark or save a page again. We remember everything for you.

2. Make Google better
WebMynd search makes Google better and more personalized to your interests.

3. It's Fun

Scrolling through your browsing history is fascinating. Try it and see!

Control your privacy
The WebMynd extension has a Stealth Mode that stops both WebMynd and Firefox from recording anything.

clipped from www.webmynd.com

WebMynd is currently supported with Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 beta on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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