London Heathrow Terminal 5

London's new Crystal Palace (video)

London Heathrow new Terminal 5 is one of the largest construction projects in Europe and its architecture and interior is expected to be stunning.

Development Plans

There are a number of projects making up the overall Terminal 5 building plan. These include diverting two rivers from the terminal site to the perimeter of the grounds; moving the airport's western perimeter road; bridge and roundabout construction and landscaping works on the surrounding area. The new terminal will consist of a main building, two satellite building, 60 aircraft stands, a multi-storey car park and much more.

Construction is well underway on the terminal building, and completion is well on schedule for the predicted date in 2008. The design of the terminal building is impressive and futuristic - when completed it will be one of the largest single-span structures in the UK; and will consist primarily of steel and glass, making for stunning views of the airfield from the airport lounges.

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