Apple's Time Capsule,

Apple's Time Capsule is a backup device that works wirelessly. It automatically backs up everything of every computer connected to its wireless network.
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Apple’s Time Capsule now shipping
Apple Online StoreApple's Time Capsule, the wireless hard drive you can use to back up multiple Macs using Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard, has begun shipping.

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Time Capsule
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First impressions from Gizmodo and Engadget provide the following observations:

- New AirPort Utility software with easy to use step-by-step
- USB Drives connected to Time Capsule are available for backup
- Initial backup takes a while.
- An Apple Tech note recommends not interrupting your first backup. and notes that you can use an Ethernet connection for your initial backup.
- Can't transfer an existing Time Machine backup to Time Capsule.

- "so far it works as billed, clean and easy."
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