SpaceTime -- 3D Web Browsing

Spacetime.com has come up with a technology which allows web browsing in 3D, finding and collecting things easily and accurately.
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CES 2008: SpaceTime swizzy 3D web browser

SpaceTime has officially launched its SpaceTime 1.0 3D web browser, which turns internet searches, YouTube videos, eBay listings and all manner of other web content into 3D elements that swoosh around the screen.

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Search Google, YouTube, RSS, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo!, Flickr and Images all in one 3D space.
Introducing 3D eBay Search
Introducing 3D Image Search
Introducing 3D Web Search
Introducing 3D Tabbed Browsing
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3D Web Browsing - Increase your Productivity
Tech Digest: CES 2008: SpaceTime swizzy 3D web browser
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