Scientists defrost one of the largest squid ever caught,

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Colossal Squid to be defrosted by scientists

New Zealand scientists have started defrosting a real-life monster of the deep - a huge squid which has been on ice since being caught in Antarctic waters last year.

The Colossal Squid was caught last February

Biologists hope that by dissecting the half-ton, 33ft long Colossal Squid - the largest ever landed - they will be able to determine its sex and unlock some of the mysteries of the almost mythical animal.

This specimen of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni has been on ice since being accidentally netted by a New Zealand trawler in Antarctica in February 2007.

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Colossal squid defrostingSquidcam

Colossal squid webcast
The defrosting and examination of the colossal squid are now over.
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