The Netflix Player by Roku (video)

The Netflix Player by Roku is a device that enables Netflix subscribers to instantly stream a growing library of movies and TV episodes from the Netflix, directly to the television.
Movie Downloads with Netflix's Roku Player

RokuOnline DVD rental giant Netflix unveiled a new movie download device that will allow users to digitally stream titles directly to their TVs. The new set-top box, manufactured by Roku, will retail for $99, with unlimited downloads at no added cost for Netflix subscribers.

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Netflix Now Gives You More: Movies and TV Episodes In Your Living Room. Instantly.
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1) Connect To Your TV

Just plug it in. The player is guaranteed to connect to any TV – even HDTVs.

2) Connect To Your Home Network

Wired or wireless – it’s your choice. The player is compatible with your high-speed Internet connection either way.

3) Follow the On-Screen Instructions

Follow a few simple instructions and you’ll be ready to watch instantly. That’s it…you’re ready to go!

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What do I need to use The Netflix Player?

In order to use The Netflix Player, you need an active Netflix account, a high-speed Internet connection (minimum 1.5 Mbps), a home network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and a TV.

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