Real Life Jurassic Park

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In an echo of the film Jurassic Park, DNA from an extinct animal has been re-activated in the laboratory for the first time. Scientists took genetic material from the Tasmanian tiger - officially declared extinct 70 years ago - and inserted it into mouse embryos where it played a role in developing cartilage and future bone.
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Extinct Australian Tiger Gene Functions in Mouse

taz tiger

The scientists extracted DNA from a 100-year-old Tasmanian Tiger or thylacine, which had been preserved in ethanol in a museum, and injected it into a mouse embryo where it was "expressed" or produced in cartilage.
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Tasmanian tiger DNA 'resurrected'
This is film of the last Tasmanian tiger.
A fragment of DNA from the Tasmanian tiger has been brought back to life.
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Should we bring back long dead creatures?
A real life Jurassic Park on some Island?
Or Mice with Giant Dinosaur wings?

Oh happy days!

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