Cloud Computing

"Cloud computing" means - in contrast to the traditional notion of a supercomputer, with many locally connected processors - a collection of computing resources will residing somewhere on the web connected and used as needed.

Some clips about a direction in which the information infrastructure seems to be moving:
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Defining cloud computing

Ask a dozen people what "cloud computing" means and you'll get a dozen different answers,
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Cloud computing

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Cloud computing or Server Cloud, gained attention in 2007 as it became a popular solution to the problem of horizontal scalability.

The architecture behind cloud computing is a massive network of "cloud servers" interconnected as if in a grid running in parallel, sometimes using the technique of virtualization to maximize computing power per server.

Diagram of cloud computing architecture.
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Inside the emerging world of cloud computing

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What cloud computing really means

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Early experiments in cloud computing
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A step closer to the integrated cloud
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Amazon's cloud computing service fuels startup's launch

How the Google-Apple Cloud Computer Will Work
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Google and the Wisdom of Clouds

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May 5, 2008

Cloud computing

Are there dangers to having information infrastructure, software and services hosted on the internet rather than on our own personal computers?

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