The Virobuster Steritube -- Air Sterilization

Many hospital patient become infected by bacteria or viruses unrelated to the primary reason for their visit. Recently, however, a Dutch company launched the Virobuster Steritube, an innovative system for sterilizing air, designed to avoid such infections.
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The Virobuster Steritube is an innovative system for sterilizing air. Micro biological contamination is eliminated up to 100% with a one pass-through. Thus effectively protecting against the spread of moulds, bacteria and viruses like Aspergillus, Anthrax, TBC, MRSA, Legionella, Influenza (SARS,
H5N1), EV71, Noro, etc.

Virobuster continues where air purification

Virobuster steritent

Medical technology, now also available for industrial use

clipped from www.virobuster.com

The unique advantages of the intelligent inside and simple outside concept
of modularity can be summarized as:

  • No need for (setting) changes to existing HVAC systems
  • No need for(bio)medical or (electro)technical knowledge for installation
  • No need for pre-engineering or custom design (plug & play)
  • The only UVGI solution available with (patented) modularity
  • Pyrogene and toxins(e.g. ozone) free and HACCP accepted
  • Remote (internet) process and service control
  • All air capacities possible (300m3/h – >100.000m3/h)

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