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A motion in Google ocean

According to Cnet's story Google diving into 3D mapping..., soon we'll all be able to get in a submarine and fly-through canyons to see the underwater world in high resolution the way marine scientists do. The new product will be an assimilation of improved satellite altimetry, multibeam echosounder technology, and other declassified information to allow unprecedented insight to the ocean realm.
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This is an image of a bathymetry map that shows the depth of the sea floor. It is based on sparse ship soundings and satellite altimeter measurements of subtle bumps and dips in the ocean surface which are produced by tiny variations in the pull of gravity.

(Credit: David Sandwell and Walter Smith/Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
The tool, however, is not to be confused with the "Google Ocean" project by France-based Magic Instinct Software that uses Google Earth as a visualization tool for marine data.
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