InPhase unveils World's first holographic storage system

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InPhase Introduces 300GB Holographic Storage

InPhase Technologies has just unveiled its 300GB removable storage drive that uses holographic technology to record data at high densities. The 12-centimeter plastic discs can be read by a special drive, called the Tapestry. InPhase has been working on the device for eight years now, and it seems that the Tapestry is ready to roll out.

What is Holographic Storage?

Recording data

Light from a single laser beam is split into two beams, the signal beam (which carries the data) and the reference beam. The hologram is formed where these two beams intersect in the recording medium.
Reading data

In order to read the data, the reference beam deflects off the hologram thus reconstructing the stored information.
Reading data

April 14 -17, 2008
InPhase and Ikegami will demonstrate video workflow using Tapestry holographic storage
Ikegami Booth, Central Hall, C4228
as Vegas Convention Center

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