bioWAVE and bioSTREAM -- Underwater Wind Turbines

A team at the Australian company BioPower Systems has designed the bioWAVE and bioSTREAM devices. Devices that sway in tune with the oceans currents while producing clean, renewable energy.
Bio Power Systems
Biologically Inspired Ocean Power Systems

BioPower Systems is commercialising ocean power conversion technologies. Through application of biomimicry, we have adopted nature's mechanisms for survival and energy conversion in the marine environment and have applied these in the development of our proprietary wave and tidal power systems.

National Geographic

VIDEO: Undersea "Wind Farms" Tested

The wave power system, bioWAVE™, is based on the swaying motion of sea plants in the presence of ocean waves.

The hydrodynamic interaction of the buoyant blades with the oscillating flow field is designed for maximum energy absorption. In extreme wave conditions the bioWAVE™ automatically ceases operating and assumes a safe position lying flat against the seabed. This eliminates exposure to extreme forces, allowing for lighter designs and substantial cost savings.

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Tasmania Pilot Projects

bioWAVE pilot, King Island, Tasmania, Australia
bioSTREAM pilot, Flinders Island, Tasmania, Australia

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