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BeenUp2 (www.beenup2.com)is a web site which is combining photos with social updates, much like a cross between Flickr and Twitter. The site allows users to upload a stream of photos and comments, and interact with friends and contacts with comments and other social networking features.
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clipped from www.beenup2.com
Sending Photos
There are 3 easy ways to get your photos on BeenUp2.com

  • Send via e-mail from your mobile phone

  • Send via e-mail from your computer

  • Upload through our photo uploader

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Want to see where you went in a day?

Add locations to your photos through our Photo Manager.
Or tell us where you are on-the-go. Check out our Place Lesson to learn how!
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Find old friends, make new ones!
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Comments can be made in the white box to the right of photos, though leaving a comment on a photo isn't what it used to be. Comments become chit-chat and chit-chat becomes conversation.
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clipped from www.beenup2.com
Other Fun Stuff!
BeenUp2 Groups
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