Wide Area Wireless Internet with Adaptrum White Space Device

In the race to develop a device that could someday operate on the so-called “white spaces” that will open up as TV broadcasters shift to digital transmissions next year a small company: Adaptrum has submitted a remarkable prototype.
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Cognitive Radio for the Real World

Adaptrum is a Silicon Valley-based startup exploring the applications of proprietary implementations of cognitive radio for use in real applications.

Battle Gets Down and Dirty Over TV White Spaces

Broadcasters and technology companies find themselves on opposite sides of a contentious issue: what to do with the unused bands of television airwaves. Some tech companies, including Microsoft and Google, want to sell devices to allow wireless networking over the "white spaces" between channels. Broadcasters believe the devices will interfere with programming.

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Adaptrum Delivers WSD prototype to FCC for Testing

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How a tiny startup may help amplify the Web
Adaptrum stirs a political storm; 'tech whiz' works in lab by the train tracks
Adaptrum promises to deliver a way to dramatically open up the airwaves to more Internet traffic. But in the process, it's also stirring up a political tempest. MarketWatch's John Letzing reports. (April 24)

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