Samsung Announces World’s Fastest SSD Drive

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Samsung announces 256 GB, 200 MB/s solid state disk drive
Taipei (Taiwan) – Samsung claims to have developed the world’s fastest solid state disk (SSD) drive, offering a blazing 200 MB/s data read rate – about the performance of fastest hard drives money can buy today.
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Samsung has developed one of the largest capacity and highest speed solid state drives to date.

Like upcoming Intel SSDs, Samsung's drive will use multi-level cell (MLC) technology and a high-speed Serial ATA (SATA) II interface. Later this year, Intel is planning to announce high-capacity SSDs, which select PC vendors are expected to adopt in forthcoming notebook PCs based on the Centrino 2 "Montevina" mobile processor.

Samsung expects its new drive to be sampling for computer manufacturers by September and shipping to those clients by the end of the year; this applies to both a 2.5-inch drive for more traditional notebooks and a 1.8-inch drive for ultraportables and other much smaller devices.

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