iCub A Robot with Artificial Intelligence

Robots developed on the iCub platform have technologies for – grasping, locomotion, interaction, and even language-action association – these are of great relevance to further advances in the field of industrial service robotics.

iCub robot learns baby talk

iCub will be the first robot in the world which will learn, think and talk like a human with help of specialists who research how parents teach children to speak. Over the next four years robotics experts in the European ITALK project will work with language development. The experiments with the iCub robot will include activities such as inserting objects of various shapes into the corresponding holes in a box, serialising nested cups and stacking wooden blocks.

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The ITALK project aims to develop artificial embodied agents able to acquire complex behavioural,cognitive, and linguistic skills through individual and social learning.
This will be achieved through experiments with the iCub humanoid robot to learn to handle and manipulate objects and tools autonomously, to cooperate and communicate with other robots and humans, and to adapt to changing internal, environmental, and social conditions.
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ITALK Project - interview with Angelo Cangelosi

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