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Welcome to Nanosoccer!

Imagine a mechanical Pelé or David Beckham six times smaller than an amoeba playing with a “soccer ball” no wider than a human hair on a field that can fit on a grain of rice. Purely science fiction? Not anymore.

photograph of the microchip
Microchip with Nanosoccer Fields of Play
nanosoccer ball
Nanosoccer Ball
diagram of the field of play
clipped from www.nist.gov
photo of nanosoccer robot

A photograph of a typical nanosoccer robot compared in size to red blood cells. About 200 of these robots could stretch in a line across the top of a plain M&M candy.

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Video of a Nanosoccer Nanobot

This is a follow up video to our post about the upcoming Nanosoccer 2008 US RoboCup Open. Folks over at Boing Boing Gadgets discovered this amazing video of a "tiny 'bot 'dribbling' a 'ball'."

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