About: Japan's Mount Fuji

9 Smashing Trivia Bits on Japan's Mount Fuji

8) Mount Fuji is a Sacred Mountain and is the Symbol of Japan
Mount Fuji 5000 Yen bank note.
7) Mount Fuji is NOT one of the Tallest Mountains in the World
Look closer and 'Fuji-san' is less than sanitary
6) Mount Fuji isn't a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Trash spoiling Japan's Sacred Mount Fuji.
5) Historically, Mount Fuji has been Off-limits to Women
Mount Fuji poster.

4) Mount Fuji is Privately Owned
3) Mount Fuji is an Active Volcano
Mount Fuji volcanic activity.
2) What Would Happen if Mount Fuji DID Erupt?
Mount Fuji city scape.

1) Mount Fuji in Traditional Art - Tsunami Waves?
Mount Fuji Wave Japan

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