Porting the Power of KDE to Windows and OS X

KDE, a well know Desktop environment for Linux, will become available soon also in a version for Windows and OS X. That will enable users of Windows or Mac, to run popular KDE application like the Amarok Jukebox, the KOffice suite and more.
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KDE Sets its Sights on Windows, Mac OS X

kde.jpgKDE isn't just for Linux anymore. With the recent release of KDE 4, the K Desktop team has set their focus on porting the core libraries that power KDE applications over to both Windows and OS X. Although still in the early stages, there are already builds available for both platforms that will enable you to compile and run popular KDE application like the Amarok Jukebox or KOffice suite on either Windows or Mac, and KDE's goal is to have production-ready versions out later this year.

KDE 4.0 recently came out of beta (see our previous coverage) and during a KDE event at Google’s headquarters on Jan. 18, Aaron Seigo, KDE project lead said that the plan to take KDE cross-platform is “potentially one of the game-changers” for KDE.

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