The Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway

The ‘Hydrogen Super Highway’. A zero emission hydrogen super highway with fully integrated solar powered hydrogen production and distribution with a high speed magnetic levitation public transit network. The first leg is slated for construction in Michigan in 2008.
Welcome to the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway! Let's ride the Hydrogen Super Highway into a better cleaner safer faster and more exciting future while producing and distributing hydrogen to filling stations all along the US Interstate Highways... Say good bye to fossil fuels and hello to Hydrogen!

Ultimately, we are
creating a massive functional upgrade to the efficiency
of the United States public infrastructure as a whole by
implementing a nested
domain address system
for a National Public Transit
Our vision is this: To mass produce a unified public conduit system
that can be installed anywhere at the lowest possible cost, the highest possible
quality, with the greatest efficiency, built from the most resilient materials
and is pollution free.

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