A Self-Fulfilling Digg-Prophecy

An article about how to arrive at the front page of Digg demonstrating its own method

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Top 10 Reasons This List Will Be Popular on Digg

Top 10 lists can always be seen on Digg’s homepage, and to give you an example — here are ten things that will help this post become popular on Digg.

10. Digg users will enjoy this list.
9. This article is one page long.
8. This article references Digg.
7. This article was submitted by a top Digg user.
6. This article is unique.
5. This page is hosted on a high bandwidth server.
4. This article is only interesting to tech savvy individuals.
3. This article has a live Digg button on the post.
2. This article has a creative title.
1. This article is in list format.
clipped from mixedmarketarts.com

The Digg Effect Case Study


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