Microsoft patents worker monitoring system (2)

Microsoft seeks patent for office 'spy' software

Microsoft is developing Big Brother-style software capable of remotely
monitoring a worker’s productivity, physical wellbeing and competence.

Angela Hayden ART GODDESS
Microsoft's Electric Shock System for Sleepy Workers
I recommend that they add a system that can shock sleepy workers. I can't tell you how many times the guy in the next cubicle falls asleep and snores on the job. He also makes too many body sounds and always has a running nose. His sniffling is driving me crazy. Microsoft should do something about quelling body noises.

Perhaps, Microsoft could just hook workers up to a urine bag and a feeding tube and they could work continuously without any breaks. I also hate thinking on the job so Microsoft should just put a brain implant in workers so they can daydream all day while their brain is doing work.

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