Camera Mobilephone Controlling Computers In 3D

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Software Prototype: Camera Mobilephone Controlling Computers In 3D


UK researchers have a developed a software prototype that will use bluetooth of the camera enabled cellphone to control the computer as if its a three dimensional mouse. See this as a Wii controller(sort of) controlling your computer moving and manipulating onscreen items simply by moving,waving the handset infront of you desktop PC.

New Scientist Technology

The software makes it possible to move and manipulate onscreen items simply by waving a handset around in front of a screen, a bit like the motion-sensitive Nintendo Wii controller.

The computer translates the phone's movement and rotation in three dimensions into the actions of an onscreen cursor. It possible to use the phone like a 3D mouse, interacting with objects by pressing the phone's buttons or rotating the phone.

A paper on the prototype set-up will be demonstrated at the International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications in Madeira, Portugal later in January 2008.

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