Motorola -- Rollable Phone

A recently published patent filing by Motorola describes a cellphone technology that could allow the display to fold or roll away. This will allow in future the design of smaller and still usable phones.
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Foldable/ rollable phone from Motorola

The design of the mobile phones is always a fight between two opposite objectives - portability and usability. The more small and portable the device becomes, the less usable the user interface can be.

Well. Motorola has an interesting idea what to do about that. In a patent application “User Interface System” it describes a concept of mobile phone with rollable display and/or keyboard.

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A user interface system (102) for a portable electronic device (100) is disclosed. The user interface system includes an interface (202) that is made of a flexible material and has an active position and an inactive position. The interface is coupled with a reservoir (204). The reservoir is used for storing electrorheological fluid (206). The user interface system also includes a source (208) that is coupled to the reservoir. The source is used for applying an electric field to the electrorheological fluid when the interface is in the active position.

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