MTube -- A Linux-Based iPhone Killer (video)

Video: Mtube the smallest x86 system with a 1GHz CPU!

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The handheld MTube, is powered by a 1GHz CPU and chipsets from VIA Technologies and is equipped with a 2.8-inch display from Toppoly Optoelectronics. The device can perform normal notebook functions under the Linux OS, the EDN quoted data from the STAG. The MTube also has WiMAX connectivity, utilizing WiMAX solutions developed by Accton Wireless Broadband (AWB), the paper added.
clipped from www.recordcup.com

Spec :
CPU : 1GHz x86
Operating system :Linux
Display :2.8-inch touch panel (640×480)
Hard disc :8G
Battery life :4-hour
Dimension :8.5×8.5×2 cm
Weight : 150g

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