The HydroPak portable power generator

HydroPak Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack

Millennium Cell Inc. and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies announced the completion of a pre-production version of the HydroPak portable power generator that incorporates a unique water-activated cartridge system. The HydroPak product combines Horizon's fuel cells with Millennium Cell's Hydrogen on Demand storage technology to offer a clean and quiet power generator for use by consumers and professionals for emergency and recreational purposes.

Millennium Cell

This power source is a high energy alternative to lead acid battery packs and portable generators. The HydroPak(TM) system, together with each cartridge:

  • Provides infinite shelf life and enough energy to recharge an average notebook computer 8 to 10 times

  • Can run indoors with quiet operation and zero harmful emissions

  • Is quieter, lighter and smaller than generators

  • Stores more energy than possible with batteries

  • Has a lower cost than any similar fuel cell device

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HydroPak Portable Fuel Cell Power Pack
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