US Recession Fueled by Low Wages and Consumer Debt (video)

Leo Panitch, a Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University in Toronto about the fundamental connections between current economic crisis and consumer debt.

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U.S. Consumer Credit Card Debt May Crash Economy

In fact, on the national level, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that aggregate U.S. personal income in 1990 was $4.9 trillion. In 2003, it was $9.2 trillion. The rate of growth? 188 percent — pretty far off from the 350 percent growth in credit card charges.

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Bowring: Profligacy is America's problem

There is a direct connection between easy credit in the United States, Wall Street irresponsibility, consumer excesses, unsustainable trade imbalances, the return of global inflation and the worldwide asset price boom.

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Good for borrowers, bad for savers

If you're in debt, the Fed rate cut could give you immediate relief. If you bank up your money, it'll grow a lot slower.
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US recession fueled by low wages and consumer debt

Leo Panitch: Weakening of unions and global pressures on US wages a major factor (1 of 2)

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