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VoteMatch Goes for President

VoteMatch (http://www.stemwijzer.nl) is back online in the Netherlands, starting today. Not for Dutch elections this time, but for the presidential race in the United States. For and in collaboration with Dutch public TV news and current affairs program Een Vandaag, the Institute for Public and Politics (IPP) has developed a special VoteMatch USA website (http://www.VoteMatchUSA.org).

VoteMatch USA 2008

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Welcome to the OneToday’s
VoteMatch USA

VoteMatch determines your political preference through statements from the largest democratic and republican candidates taking part in the preliminary US presidency elections.

The statements

Answer the statements by clicking on agree, disagree or don't know.You can add extra weight to any statements you find especially important. In a separate screen you can choose which candidates you would like to include in your result calculation.

In the result screen you can see the candidate you agree with most.

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