Visualizing the Internet

3D Geographic network Display
The arc map displays a 3D network structure as arcs curving smoothly above a flat map of the world.
Hierarchical structure of the Internet
This image shows the hierarchical structure of the Internet, based on the connections between individual nodes (such as Computer Networks or Internet Service Providers).
Traffic Flow Map
The map shows countries with traffic flows between them represented as smoothly curving red lines.
Visualization Study of the NSFNET
The first image represents byte traffic into the ANS/NSFNET T3 backbone from its client networks for the month of December'94.
The second image is a visualization study of inbound traffic measured in billions of bytes on the NSFNET T1 backbone for September 1991.
Growth and Topology of the NLANR Caching Hierarchy
Web caching is a technology for migrating copies of documents from a server across the network toward points closer to the end users requesting those documents.

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