The Aptera -- An amazing vehicle with a fuel efficiency of 300 mpg

A video of an earlier prototype and some info about the Aptera 300mpg. The production is slated for late 2008. The approximate price for the all electric version is $26,900 and the plug-in hybrid $29,900.
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The first Operating Prototype achieved over 230 Miles per gallon!
Five years ago, Aptera's founder Steve Fambro endeavored to design and build a passenger vehicle that was safe, comfortable, and more fuel-efficient than anything ever produced. This aspiration, combined with his background in engineering, led him to an intensive study of aerodynamics, and composite aircraft construction. He hypothesized that a low-drag, aerodynamic body shape could be achieved without sacrificing comfort, drivability or safety.
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Crash Testing
Electric & Gasoline Hybrid
The real deal about Aptera's Mileage

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