LARC -- New Radio Telescope Array On Lunar Farside

About an array of telescopes on the backside of the moon which would explore the so-called "Dark Ages" near the beginning of the universe.
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MIT Moonbase to Search for 'Dark Age' of the Universe

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has always been exclusive, but their latest project is higher-profile than most. Recently unveiled plans aim at two square kilometers of the most exclusive land there is - the dark side of the moon. They hope to erect an array of ultra-low wavelength radio telescopes to examine the mysteries of the early universe without being distracted by you and your stupid television.

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MIT news

Jacqueline Hewitt
Physics professor Jacqueline Hewitt, director of MIT's Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Science, stands behind a prototype of a radio telescope array.
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LARC will make possible observations that cannot be made from Earth's surface. The Earth's ionosphere, high-altitude layer of electrically charged gas, obscures faint, low-frequency radio emissions. The other source of interference is, well, us. More specifically, our many emissions in the radio spectrum.

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