Xerox Reusable Paper

Experimental Xerox Paper Erases Itself, Results In Temporary Documents On Reusable Paper
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Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) scientists have invented a way to make prints whose images last only a day, so that the paper can be used again and again. The technology, which is still in a preliminary state, blurs the line between paper documents and digital displays and could ultimately lead to a significant reduction in paper use.
Xerox Corporation News Release

The process works without toner and produces a low-resolution document that appears to be printed with purple ink.

The printed information on the document "disappears" within 16 hours. The documents can be reused more quickly by simply placing them in the copier paper tray.

The researchers said that individual pieces of paper had been used up to 50 times, and that the only limit in the process appears to be paper life.

Xerox developing 'erasable paper' system - Technology & Media - International Herald Tribune

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