A mobile phone that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell

Angstrom Power, a Canadian developer of fuel cells has announced a prototype which has already been integrated into a popular Motorola handset.
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Hydrogen-powered phone prototype

angstromhydrophone.gif "Fuel cell maker Angstrom Power and cell phone maker Motorola have teamed up to create a prototype mobile phone that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell. Crave reports.

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There are still hurdles that need to be solved. For one, hydrogen refueling stations aren’t even close to being available in most places in the world. And then there is the issue of safety, though the company claims that the battery is perfectly safe. There is real interest by the major manufacturers, and if all goes well, expect to see them by 2010.

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Angstrom has thought out some answers: it's designing a home-based unit that lets a user pour in water and watch the phone automatically recharge. And it has ambitions to install recharging kiosks at places like Starbucks or 7/11.

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