3-D Holography Breakthrough: Rewritable Holograms

University of Arizona optical scientists have developed a method of "rewriting" holograms. The holographic displays – which are viewed without special eyewear – can be erased and rewritten in a matter of minutes. This makes them them ideal tools for medical, industrial and military applications and also for consumer electronics like mobile phones and computer games.
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Rewritable Holograms Could Appear in Mobile Phones

7%5B1%5D.jpg Imagine having a mobile phone wallpaper which is not a flat image, but a full 3D-Hologram, which can then be updated by the user just as easily as they currently buy replacement wallpapers. That is the promise which could come from a breakthrough by University of Arizona optical scientists. Cellular News reports.
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3-D Holography Breakthrough: Erase And Rewrite In Minutes

"This is a new type of device, nothing like the tiny hologram of a dove on your credit card," UA optical sciences professor Nasser Peyghambarian said. "The hologram on your credit card is printed permanently. You cannot erase the image and replace it with an entirely new three-dimensional picture."

"Holography has been around for decades, but holographic displays are really one of the first practical applications of the technique," UA optical scientist Savas Tay said.

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View of a model of an ethane molecule from the updatable 3-D holographic display
View of a human skull
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3-D Holography Breakthrough: Erase And Rewrite In Minutes
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