Plaxo with Pulse -- Online Contact Management

Plaxo, a free online contact management service, introduces new features to stay connected with and share just about anything.
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There's an all-new Plaxo. Now with Pulse!
The easiest way to stay connected is now also the easiest way to share just about anything. Pulse now brings you "people feeds" from all over the web:
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How Pulse works

1. Seeing

Your Mom uploads photos from her trip to Italy on Flickr.
Her pictures show up automatically in your Pulse tab

2. Sharing

Tell us the places where you're posting content online

Whenever you post new content, we deliver it automatically to all the right people.

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Plaxo Basic
- Update your address book when friends change their contact info
- Update friends’ address books when your contact info changes
- Sync your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes across Plaxo-enabled applications
- Get reminded of a friend's birthday just a few days before
- Receive a Plaxo alert whenever a contact’s info has changed

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