ManagedQ -- An Improved Search Experience

ManagedQ: a graphical frontend to Google and more, according to their blog: “A Search Application is dedicated to helping you manage your entire Search Experience: from the keyword, to results, to previewing, to refinement and repeating with a new query”.
clipped from managedq.com

The ManagedQ Difference

ManagedQ is dedicated to guiding you throughout the entire Search process. We start with a keyword, just like the Search engines you're familiar with, but from there on everything is different. Firstly, each result comes with a large screenshot to give you a better idea of what's on the other end of that link. We then download the entire result set to your browser and scan it to find the important ideas and concepts, presenting them to you in what
we call the Executive Summary:

The Executive Summary (when querying the infamous "Valleywag")
Managed Previews (when exploring the Idea "Owen Thomas")
Managed Viewing (query: "Palo Alto Cafes", mouse over Idea: "Coupa Cafe")

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