About Nanosolar, a global leader in solar power innovation setting the standard for affordable green power with solar cell technology.
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Nanosolar is a developer of solar power technology. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Nanosolar has developed and commercialized an extremely low-cost printable solar cell manufacturing process. The company started selling panels mid-December 2007, and plans to profitably sell them at around $1 per watt.[2][3][4]

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Nanosolar's 140,000 sqft facility in San Jose, California
Nanosolar's 507,000 sqft manufacturing site near Berlin, Germany
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Nanosolar Utility Panel™

Specifically designed for utility-scale power plants, Nanosolar Utility Panel™ is the industry-best solution for MW-sized PV systems.

Nanosolar SolarPly™.

Light-weight solar-electric cell foil which can be cut to any size. Non-fragile. No soldering required for electrical contact.

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