Alertness Enhancing Device (AED)

While probability of becoming a victim of terrorism is quite small this is perceived as a big hazard while other real hazards like for example environmental pollution or car traffic are perceived as rather uninteresting. The AED helps you become more alert and ready for the real dangers in life.

A prosthetic that alerts us to the real dangers in life

Humans tend to have an extremely distorted view of risks. We tend to be bothered by low probability but high profile threats, while often completely oblivious to those risks that could actually harm us. Check out this chart:
According to artist Susanna Hertrich, this is because humans have lost their natural instinct for sensing genuine dangers. Her solution? A prosthetic device for lost instincts that literally makes your hair stand on end.

0aaaalertdetal.jpgThe project that Susanna was showing at the work in progress show a few weeks ago is the Alertness Enhancing Device.

The idea is it stimulates goosebumps and shivers that go down your spine and make your neck hair stand up, waking up the alert animal inside. You become more alert and ready for the real dangers in life.

If you feel dispassionate and bored when reading news stories about another environmental pollution scandal, it's probably time to turn the dial of the device on.

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