Inside the MacBook Air

On the site of the Mac+iPod do-it-yourself company iFixit we find a nice report about what's inside the MacBook Air. Some highlights:
clipped from www.ifixit.com

  • We were relieved to discover the MacBook Air ships in more than just a manila envelope.
  • Step 1
  • Look! We found the battery.
  • Step 8
  • The hard drive sits beneath the USB, micro-DVI, and audio ribbon cables.
  • Step 10
  • The RF module, in all its blue glory. We spliced together two photos, so this image shows the front and back of the PCB.
  • Step 15
  • The heat sink is made of very thin aluminum and looks totally different from anything we've seen in a Mac before.
  • Step 16
  • We found Intel's new Core 2 Duo chip right beneath the heat sink (no surprises there). A temperature sensor sits on an external board glued between the CPU and graphics chips. A high-resolution image (632K) is available here.
  • Step 17
  • We found a Broadcom BCM5974 touch screen controller chip on the interconnect board.
  • Step 19
  • The display assembly is attached to the case with 19 small screws:
  • Step 20
  • We're left with 88 screws and lots of parts. It's hard to believe everything here weighs in at only three pounds. A high-resolution image (568K) is available here.
  • Step 24

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